Shift (Paracritter) (Quality)

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Shift (Paracritter) (Quality)


Shift (Paracritter)


Shift (Paracritter)
Cost @ Creation : 30 Points
Cost @ Development : 30 Points

Requirements : Character must possess the "Shift" power (Shapeshifters, Drakes, some Vampires, etc).

This allows for the character/critter in question to shift into a specific paranormal critter (Paracritter) such as Barghest, a Gloaming Owl, Hellhound, or even a Dragon (yes, this is possible but pay attention).

When doing so, the individual has the base physical attributes of the paracritter in question with no bonus points to allocate. All mental attributes remain their own as does their Essence, Edge, Magic, etc (obviously not Resonant). Initiative and Initiative Dice are configured in this new form. There is no sustaining modifier when using this quality with their Shift power.

If someone develops a "Shift <Dracoform>" they must realize that they do not gain any of the dracoforms special attributes (adjusted essence or magic for example). They can NOT elect to choose Shift <Greater Dracoform> ... sorry, not going to happen. Anyone with the Shift <Dracoform> ability when using this quality around a real dracoform will be detected by those beings as "Not a Real Dracoform" and will have to deal with all social, and probably combative, issues accordingly.

No Spiritual Being may be taken with the Shift (Paracritter) quality, and this includes most Fae/Faerie beings (any that possess the Fading or Materialization quality). Only tangible, primarily physical, beings may be developed with this quality. Under no circumstances may a being with "Resonance" be developed with this Quality.

Shift requires a Major Action (A).


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