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Manipulation Spell (Metamancy)
Category : Transformation
Range : T
Duration : I (Special)
DV : 7
Threshold : 2 (Minimum)


A Single Subject (Target) version of the Gateway spell with a few special modifications. Unlike the former, Slipstream functions by enveloping the subject and shunting it/them to the destination location. It does this immediately, but the travel to the destination still takes time. The duration of such is the subject of much debate, as during this transition period, the individual is limited to the volume of breathable atmosphere they had with them at the time. As such, if it takes too long to travel from point A to point B, it is entirely possible the individual can suffocate.

The "speed" by which this transition takes place is at Astral Speeds of travel, bordering on approximately 2500 KPH (~1500 MPH). Thus it is possible for the individual at very short distance to appear "instantaneous" but in truth it isn't. For game mechanics, the distance is ~700 meters/second or 2000 meters in a turn (3 seconds).

If the caster has direct LOS, then the spell is rarely inaccurate. But if the destination is someplace out of LOS but memorable, the Gamemaster is encouraged to increase the casting threshold as they see fit.

Mana Barriers, Wards and similar obstructions do impede the spell and increase the threshold by their rating accordingly.


J. Keith Henry


Hoosier Hacker House


J. Keith Henry





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