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Manipulation Spell
Category : Transformation
Range : T (A)
Duration : S
DV : 5 or 7 (see below)


Similar to the "Spellblades" that surfaced during the 5E of Shadowrun, "Mageblades" are the original spell design put forth during the 2E years of Shadowrun originally by this group and posted to the ShadowRN email list during that time period.

The spell creates a 'blade of energy' that is roughly a meter in length and functions as a Sword or Club (Close Combat Skill). The blade does damage equal to one-half, rounded down, the magic attribute of the caster. The blade 'dances' in that it can be directed to work in combat at the caster's direction and they use their Close Combat skill when 'wielding' such. The blade can travel up to a number of meters from the caster equal to the net hits on the spell as measured in meters. It travels at the same movement rate of it's caster, regardless of hits. The base forms of the spell are either Physical (Power Blade) or Mana (Mana Blade). When cast the plane upon which the weapon functions is determined by the caster, but only the Mana Blade can work in the Astral Plane. The Power Blade is resisted with Body and the Mana Blade version is resisted with Willpower when struck by such.

At the time of casting the magician can determine a specific elemental type, if any, that is manifest as well. With the elemental effect, the drain code of the spell is 7. Only one elemental type at a time can be so issued per casting.

The blade so issued has an AR equal to the Hits of the casting regardless what range column may be possible.

Should the spell be quickened or associated with a Preparation or Imbuement of some type, the blade loses it's dancing property and must be directly wielded by an individual or object. It is for this reason that is sometimes encountered in Mana Blade format overlapping an existing sword or club allowing it to strike creatures with the benefits accordingly. Blades so improved by this spell cast in Mana Blade form and designated as being 'in Astral' can strike beings that are astral in nature ... although the spell gives no sensory awareness of such.


J. Keith Henry


Hoosier Hacker House


J. Keith Henry


Hoosier Hacker House





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