Shift (Metahuman) (Quality)

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Shift (Metahuman) (Quality)


Shift (Metahuman)


Cost @ Creation : 5 + Racial
Cost @ Development : 5 + Racial

This quality allows for an individual that already possesses the Shift (Metahuman) Power (Shapeshifters, Great Dragons) to develop additional forms to shift into. Each form begins with physical attributes of one (1) when first developed. A number of bonus physical attribute points are allocated at time of purchase equal to the Essence of the individual. Karma may be used to buy up the attributes for the form as if a normal character as part of advancements.

Mental Attributes remain those of the character/critter in question as does Essence, Magic, Edge. Initiative is adjusted for each new form. Qualities possessed by the character/critter function in each of the forms possessed, as long as they are possible. For example; a Shapeshifter Tiger chooses Shift (Human) develops Shift (Troll) at a later time. If they have "Prehensile Tail" as a quality, that quality will NOT work as a Troll (they do not have tails) or a human for that matter.

There are no sustaining modifiers for this Quality. It is a common quality developed and is useful for those individuals whom choose to have different IDs/Identities.

Special Mechanics Note : Blood Type and Brain Waves and most other forms of Biometrics remain unchanged from the natural form. A Detect Individual <Individual Named> will work as well normally regardless of form.


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