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Advanced Spellcasting (Metamancy) allowing for the connecting of two points in fixed time so as to travel from point A to point B. At each end of the Gateway, the aperture is a base 2 meters in diameter to walk through, with the ability to expand…

A Single Subject (Target) version of the Gateway spell with a few special modifications. Unlike the former, Slipstream functions by enveloping the subject and shunting it/them to the destination location. It does this immediately, but the travel to…

Similar to the "Spellblades" that surfaced during the 5E of Shadowrun, "Mageblades" are the original spell design put forth during the 2E years of Shadowrun originally by this group and posted to the ShadowRN email list during that time…

HHH games using 6WE mechanics have chosen to change the edge related mechanics with respect to AR and DR in combat (all forms).

AR (Attack Rating) is additional dice reflecting the effectiveness of the attack method or form in question.


Where do we begin??? I'm compiling this information as we are finishing up our groups playing of the 30 Nights game information.

Review : 30 Nights
What follows is a summary review as presented from the POV of a GM and a Player to the games. Group of players measures 9 in total, but it regularly had 7 or less due to player scheduling conflicts and personal needs of the…

Combat Spells
Light Bolt (Jumper, Chain Lightning)
Magic Missiles (yes, an inspired joke)
Pulsefire, Ballistic
Pulsefire, Mana
Pulsefire, Stunner
Spellstrike, A and LOS (Adv Sc/Metamancy)
Torpor (Invae)
Trace Fireball (Adv…

Cost @ Creation : 50
Cost @ Development : 50

Requirements : Special Parentage (GM's Approval)

Your character might be special, but this is *SPECIAL* in all the right places. All Mental Attributes may be developed without limit. Essence…

Cost @ Creation : 5 + Racial
Cost @ Development : 5 + Racial

This quality allows for an individual that already possesses the Shift (Metahuman) Power (Shapeshifters, Great Dragons) to develop additional forms to shift into. Each form begins with…

Shift (Critter) (Quality)
Cost @ Creation : 15
Cost @ Development : 15

Allows for the character/critter whom possesses the Shift Power (Shapeshifters, some Vampires, Drakes, some Dragons) to develop new critter forms to shift into. No critter…
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