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A Single Subject (Target) version of the Gateway spell with a few special modifications. Unlike the former, Slipstream functions by enveloping the subject and shunting it/them to the destination location. It does this immediately, but the travel to…

Combat Spells
Light Bolt (Jumper, Chain Lightning)
Magic Missiles (yes, an inspired joke)
Pulsefire, Ballistic
Pulsefire, Mana
Pulsefire, Stunner
Spellstrike, A and LOS (Adv Sc/Metamancy)
Torpor (Invae)
Trace Fireball (Adv…

Cost @ Creation : 50
Cost @ Development : 50

Requirements : Special Parentage (GM's Approval)

Your character might be special, but this is *SPECIAL* in all the right places. All Mental Attributes may be developed without limit. Essence…

In the HHG games, the training time for Skills and Advancement are differ accordingly.

For Skill Advancement, we use the following mechanic;

Intuition +
Threshold of Karma Cost x 2
Interval of 1 Day

INT + (Karma Cost x 2, 1 Day)

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